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About us

 Jiangxi hundred million sen source plant spices co., LTD is located in the middle of jiangxi province, gan river middle reaches "it" gyan luoxiao mountains midway through, the conjugate throat channel, hunan, jiangxi provinces have from north to south in north-south beijing-kowloon railway, 105 national highway and 319 national road from east to west, ganyue, wu3 ji2, caresses, Shi Ji, gillian, widely and so on high speed, is Beijing, southwest, south China, fujian, Hong Kong and Macao regions natural ties; With its long history of humanities, good ecological environment, abundant natural resources and unique regional location, kean is known as "the land of fengshui, the holy land of revolution".

Senyuan is one specialized is engaged in the plant essential oil, base oil plants, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) oil, plant flowers, pure dew, plant extracts, extract, plant extract, natural spices, synthetic spices of professional manufacturers. Company has a professional technical team, with advanced production equipment: Japan feeding 6 tons and 3 tons each of a set of advanced distillation equipment, and capacity for a set of 3 cubic advanced supercritical extraction equipment, drying equipment, crushing equipment, and various kinds of Chinese herbal medicine processing equipment, testing equipment, has advanced high performance liquid chromatograph, refractometer, rotation, a moisture meter. Company based on quality and culture, with high-end technology to ensure that, with our customers and the market as the center, service and innovation for development, with all my heart for the sake of customers, the enterprise to do bigger, continuous innovation, enterprising, to win the most favorite spices industry brand.

At present, the company produces various kinds of vegetable oil, extract, flower water, pure dew, extract liquid and other products deeply recognized by the industry. Products are exported to all countries and industries. The company always in line with the quality first, the good faith management idea to repay the majority of customers, we are willing to work hand in hand with you, to make contribution for the time fragrance industry.

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 Jiangxi yiyuan plant spice co. LTD

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Address: no. 18, hedong avenue, qingyuan district, qingyuan district, jian, jiangxi

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